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Back to School: 5 Items You Need to Stay Organized

Hot girl summer was cool, but now smart girl fall is right around the corner. The school year is set to start which means we’ll all be finishing up those summer reading lists, getting dorm supplies and all the tools we need to succeed this semester. After a relaxing two months of summer, a full class schedule can seem overwhelming. With the right tools however, that schedule can be easily managed...especially if you know how to stay organized. Our XOXO, Sierra staff has you covered with all the tools you’ll need to stay organized this school year.



Number 1 on the list is a planner to schedule out your day. Balancing classes, extracurricular clubs, music practice, side projects, trips, sporting events, and family time can be exhausting. Instead of booking your todo list and events list in your head, write it all down in a day planner like the Writing Life Planner. This planner features a dedicated space to track your work and plan your schedule. It features positive affirmations to give you a little pick me up when you need some motivation. Have some goals in mind for the year? Write them down in the planner’s weekly and monthly spreads. If pen and paper isn’t your thing, opt for the Digital Writing Life Planner.



Don’t get caught up asking around for a pen. In this digital age, you might have a hard time finding one on the fly. Stay prepared so that you can take quick notes, in peace. The XOXO, Sierra Pencil collection has everything you need. An added bonus? These pencils have positive affirmations already printed on them. Fuel your inner boss with this “I Am the Main Character” pencil. Motivate yourself to finish that project that’s been dragging on with these “Slay, Writer, Slay" Motivational Pencils. Grab a pack for yourself and one to loan to a writer in need. Looking for a pop of color? Add these gel pens to your collection.



From to-do lists to note taking, a notebook is a must have when it comes to staying organized. A great way to organize class notes is by having a separate notebook for each class, so those notes don’t get mixed up. These pocket notebooks are lightweight and great for small note taking.(they also come in a pack of 2!)  Looking for something a little more colorful? Try this pink botanical notebook



Color coding your notes is a great way to organize your thoughts. Let’s be real, it’s also fun to decorate a little bit. It takes some of the mental stress away. Washi tape is a great option for this. Try this Days of the Week washi tape. It comes pre-printed with each day of the week, allowing you to mark what you need for each day. Use it to decorate your planner, create to-do lists, or to set reminders for upcoming tasks that need to be completed on certain days.



Now that you have everything you need, you have to carry it around in something. When moving from class to class you’ll want to opt for something light like a tote bag. This “Best Selling Author” tote bag is a great choice for carrying around school supplies or a quick grocery trip to get your favorite snacks.

Organization is key when it comes to having a successful school year. This is just a small sample of tools that can help you stay prepared at school. Check out the full XOXO Sierra collection. Don’t forget to connect with us on Instagram to stay up to date on sales, events and new product drops.

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