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  • MEET CUTE CLUB by Jack Harbon (December Selection)

MEET CUTE CLUB by Jack Harbon (December Selection)

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  • A copy of MEET CUTE CLUB with an exclusive cover
  • A candle and pencils based on the book's world
  • 1-2 additional items, including a special gift from the author


Jordan Collins doesn’t need a man.

What he needs is for his favorite author to release another one of her sexy supernatural novels and more people to sign up for the romance book club that he fears is slowly and steadily losing its steam. He also needs for the new employee at his local bookstore to stop making fun of him for reading things meant for “grandmas.”

The very last thing he needs is for that same employee, Rex Bailey, to waltz into his living room and ask to join Meet Cute Club. Despite his immediate thoughts—like laughing in his face and telling him to kick rocks—Jordan decides that if he wants this club to continue thriving, he can’t turn away any new members. Not even ones like Rex, who somehow manage to be both frustratingly obnoxious and breathtakingly handsome

As Jordan and Rex team up to bring the club back from the ashes, Jordan soon discovers that Rex might not be the arrogant troll he made himself out to be, and that, like with all things in life, maybe he was wrong to judge a book by its cover.


Jack Harbon is your typical, eccentric twenty-something writing stories much more interesting than his real life. If he's not writing, he's either reading domestic thrillers about women in peril, watching trashy reality TV shows, or playing The Sims.